I am a software engineer from Kerala, India. My work is primarily focused on developing web applications using LAMP platform.

I have done B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from Kerala University affiliated college S.H.M Engineering college, Kadakkal on 2006.

After my graduation I have worked with some web development companies in Trivandrum, Kerala, India. Before getting into web development I worked in a computer hardware local store as a service engineer.

I have been developing websites from 2006, since then I have touched many clients websites, with many ideas and technologies. Some of the technologies I have worked with are mentioned below:

  • LAMP (Development environment – Linux, Apache, MySql, and PHP)
  • Zend Framework version 1 & 2 (Development framework)
  • Doctrine ORM version 1 & 2 (Object relational mapper)
  • Git, Svn (for source control management)
  • Jira, Asana (for task management)
  • MongoDB, Redis (NoSql databases)

I have worked with some Australian companies as client in the company I work. The major clients are:

  • Pollenizer – A company that helps building start ups.
  • Mytheofme – A online story building platform.
  • Waysact – An iPad based software to take surveys online.
  • NobbleVillage – An online hotel table booking web application.
  • Ediary – A software for calendar marketing system.
  • Getinform – Practice management and account scheduling software.
  • Shopbites – It is a point rewarding based software for stores.
  • ClosetRemix – Mobile based application for clothe and outfit designing.
  • ScoopNews – Mobile based software for news.
  • ScoopRecipe – Mobile based software for recipes.
  • Epraigm Jewellery – Mobile based software for a jewellery.
  • Epraigm Eduwise – Mobile based software for education.
  • The cullinan diamonds – An ecommerce website developed on bigcommerce platform.
  • Nexus Health Care – Under R&D and development
  • Ginger Health – A health care based social media web application.